To My Awesome Mom - You Did A Grape Job Raisin Me - I Love You - Love Your Son (Real 18k Gold Finish)


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    Your mom has a hard time raising and educating you. Show your love now. Appreciate and treasure her by getting her this uniquely designed necklace with the message that will sure to tear her up. It was designed by fans for fans. Celebrate this Mother's Day or her birthday with this magnificent real 18K gold-finish necklace and round-shaped pendant. Get this exquisite piece of jewelry around her neck, and the pendant rests on her heart.

    The perfect keepsake to hang around her neck! You can engrave onto the back of the pendant your mother’s birthday, her wedding anniversary with your father, or anything else you want her to remember and keep you close to her heart.

    Sophisticated and expensive-looking, this attractive piece of jewelry makes a fabulous gift to that one woman in your life; your beautiful and always forgiving mother and will no doubt show her how much you respect, care and love her.

    This piece of jewelry is made of high-quality surgical steel with the 18K real gold finish. This is not a cheap piece of jewelry. Get her one now and watch her eyes widen in amazement and moisten up a bit as the feeling of nostalgia envelopes.

    This is the PERFECT GIFT for your lovely mother for any seasons. This custom-designed round necklace will sure impress your mother.

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    • Handcrafted in New Jersey, USA!
    • Made from Surgical Steel with a hand-poured Liquid Glass dome
    • Real 18k Gold Finish
    • Luxury adjustable 18"-22" chain
    • Pendant measures 24mm x 24mm