Awesome & Unique I Am Not A Widow Necklace w/Adjustable Chain - Heart (Surgical Steel)


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    Celebrate your everlasting love for your husband with this magnificent surgical-steel-plated necklace and heart-shaped pendant. Putting this on your necklace will remind your husband's love for you and how he adores and cares for you, and the pendant rests on your heart.

    The perfect keepsake to hang around her neck! Engrave onto the back of the pendant your loved one's name, your wedding date, an anniversary, or anything else you want her to remember and keep you close to her heart.

    Sophisticated and expensive-looking, this attractive piece of jewelry makes a fabulous gift to the woman that deserved her husband's love.

    It's made of high-quality surgical steel. This is not a cheap piece of jewelry. Get her one now and watch her eyes widened in amazement and tear up a bit.

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    • Made in USA (New Jersey)
    • Crafted in Surgical Steel and Shatterproof Glass
    • Necklaces adjustable 18"-22"
    • Bangles adjustable 7"-9"
    • Pendant Measures 24mm x 24mm