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About Us

The Urban Esteem Story

What does this word "Urban" mean? To us, it means we are constantly living in the most inter-connected urbanized societies we have ever lived.

What does this word "Esteem" remind you? To us, we believe all human beings have high self-esteem that truly reflects our beliefs and what we can achieve on this planet.

We viewed modern living to be urban, to be fun, to be contemporary, to be inspired and to be joyful.

That's why we created Urban Esteem. We believe it's our job to constantly remind ourselves that we are urban creatures are to have great self-esteem.

The passion, drive, aspirations, and focus are our guiding principles to help you bring your dreams come true.

Urban Esteem was founded by a group of like-minded girls and boys, who happened to be searching for self-esteem, confidence, and freedom to enhance their self-esteem with these unique solutions.

We spent thousands of hours, and dollars finding solutions that will help you do what you do best ~ spending valuable time with your loved ones and enhancing your self-esteem without wasting time finding these solutions yourself.

Exclusively sourced in-house by our solution specialists, our Urban Esteem brand delivers the unique, top quality solutions for your everyday needs, regardless of your location or what are your personal tastes.

Our mission is to enhance a person’s self-esteem, gives them the freedom they deserve with every solution they used on themselves each day or for that special moment in their lives.

The founders knew what you want, your styles, how your tastes evolve, so we got you covered no matter what’s the occasion.

Speaking of which, as we started from the ground up and grew extremely big because we want to make a difference in people’s lives.

We pamper people by shipping our solutions freely so that they do not feel the hassle of paying for shipping. We simply do not believe that people should pay for shipping from getting the solutions that will help them enhance their lives and do what do love most.

We provide a variety of life-changing solutions to satisfy you because you are worth it. Our brand exists only because of YOU!

We are located at:

1603 Capitol Ave.
Suite 310 A164
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001