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KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves
KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves
KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves
KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves
KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves
KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves
KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves
KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves
KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves
KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves
KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves

KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves

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No More Unnecessary Cuts While Handling Sharp Objects and Knives!

Feeling stress and worrying, or perhaps spending on medical bills going to doctor to treat those minor cuts when handling sharp objects - Our best selling number #1 newly improved KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves to your rescue in 2019!

Are you always on cutting those vegetables, meat using your bare hands together with a knife, or are you always handling sharp objects using your bare hands? And also getting minor cuts here and there.

Well, not anymore... We have the right product for you with our cut resistant gloves made from the most durable, highest level of cut-resistant material, 4 times stronger than leather - KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves.

Now, you can safely handle all kinds of sharp objects such as knives, cutters, broken glasses, broken shards, scissors, graters & peelers in the kitchen, woodworking, carving, carpentry, and so much more...

Whether you are a professional butcher, fishmonger, chef or a home cook who is not always that careful, PROTECT YOUR FINGERS with these cut-resistant gloves. Our KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves will ensure you finish the day with the same number of fingers you started with when peeling, chopping, grating or filleting.

These gloves are made from food-grade high-pressure polyethylene (HPPE) and proprietary silica-based fibers keeping these gloves snug for dexterity, breathable so your hands don’t sweat, and most importantly DURABLE to prevent serious injury!

You can enjoy the process of preparing dinner, landscaping your garden, repairing your car, woodworking, carving, sculpting and much more...with NO WORRIES OF BEING HURT.



Features of our product:
✅ Made of breathable material and they are also machine washable

✅ It is easy to grip knives and other culinary equipment, and the wrist cuffs give them a snug fit.

✅ Lightweight and comfortable protection without the bulk - awarded with the highest, EN388 level 5 cut resistance. 10 times stronger than normal gloves.

✅ 100% food safe and machine washable - keeping your gloves clean is easy. It can be sanitized as kitchen dishwashing towel.  

Please note that:
Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed in the photos.

Package includes:
✅1 Pair x KratosCutResistant - Cut Resistant Magic Gloves 

Q1: Would they work to protect from getting nicked or cute for a band saw?
A1: NO! don't wear them when you are using the saw. If the blade catches the glove it will pull your hand right into the blade and it will shear your fingers off. Don't wear anything that the blades can catch onto. That bandsaw blade is stronger than any glove you will wear. 

Q2: Are these ambidextrous?
A2: Yes, the gloves are flat and either can be placed on either hand.

Q3: Are these truly protective enough to guard against mandolin accidents?
A3: We believe the gloves will adequately protect your hand when using a mandolin. This may sound like somewhat of a hedge. No one in their right mind would actually test the gloves using their hands. We did tested them in two ways. First, we struck them repeatedly with very sharp knives on a cutting board using both slicing and chopping motions. With enough tries we could cut the gloves. We also used a carrot inserted into the glove fingers and pushed them into both the main blade and the julienne blades of my mandolin. After sufficient tries we could cut the gloves. So why do we think they will protect the hands? Both tests were conducted using repeated tries trying to purposely defeat the gloves. This is certainly more effort than would be put into an accidental slip during normal use. So I use the gloves and carefully and respectfully use the mandolin.

Q4: Will they stop a cactus needle from poking through?
A4: These were made for handling objects that could cut by a slicing motion. They are not POKE proof.

Q5: Are both sides of glove protected?
A5: Yes

Q6: Is it safe to use these gloves in kitchen? Can I touch food with them?
A6: The gloves are made from food grade material and are perfectly safe to touch your food with. In fact, most of our customers use them in kitchen to prevent accidental nicks and cuts.

Q7: No-one has asked about sanitizing gloves after each use ? Wash with soap or kill bacteria with a microwave?
A7: Wash it with dish soap gently, rinse clean and lay on a towel to dry.

Q8: My dog always bites me when I'm trying to give him a bath. Will these gloves help?
A8: No, not at all.

Q9: How to clean or wash the glove?
Q9: Just soap n water. Don't use fabric softener. 

Q10: What are the measurements please?
A10: To help you figure out which size would fit you best we have added a size chart to our product pictures.

PLEASE TAKE SERIOUS NOTE! AND DISCLAIMER: While our KratosCutless - Anti-Cut Magic Gloves are cut resistant, they are not fully cut proof. We designed them to reduce the likelihood of sustaining serious injury if accidents happen. Please still remain careful while using your gloves. We will not bear any responsibility for any extreme usage of these gloves other than the intended use to prevent minor cuts and abrasions.

Due to overwhelming response and overload of orders, if you want to get this product before Christmas as a gift, please place your order before November 20, 2019If you order after this date, we will not be held liable for any late delivery of your package. Thank you for your kind attention.


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