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WonderGlue - Fabric Stitch Glue Kit
WonderGlue - Fabric Stitch Glue Kit
WonderGlue - Fabric Stitch Glue Kit
WonderGlue - Fabric Stitch Glue Kit
WonderGlue - Fabric Stitch Glue Kit
WonderGlue - Fabric Stitch Glue Kit
WonderGlue - Fabric Stitch Glue Kit

WonderGlue - Fabric Stitch Glue Kit

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No More Frustrations Using A Needle Thread to Mend Those Tears Now!

Are you feeling stressed and frustrated or spending hours trying to put the thread into the needle due to poor eyesight. Not anymore... - Our number #1 2019 WonderGlue - Fabric Stitch Glue Kit is the perfect glue kit to mend those tears in seconds.

It helps with patching up smaller and bigger tears and even repair the fabric on your furniture or wardrobe.

Sewing enthusiasts around the world know the frustration of how to mend a tear using a needle and thread. This glue kit will solve this problem fast. However, that can be quite challenging if you are having poor eyesight without any proper tools to achieve that.

Well, we have the right product for you to create that perfect, smooth and well-done hem with our WonderGlue - Fabric Stitch Glue Kit.

Now, you can rest assured that this glue kit will save you tons of time. The glue is completely safe for both you and your wardrobe. It is specially designed to fix any tear in different fabrics. With just a small amount, you can close a patch in your favorite jeans, t-shirts or fix fabric on your sofa.

It is super easy to use and anyone can do it. Apply a small amount on the fabric and attach the two pieces together. Let it dry for up to two hours and don't wash it for twenty-four hours. It won't leave any stains and the hole will be gone in just a few minutes. 


Features of the product:
✅ Fast drying

✅ Non-toxic adhesive that is safe to use in most environments and can be stored in any room temperature setting without direct sunlight
✅ When fully glued, the bond is waterproof and UV proof as well as being machine washable and dry-able
✅ Will work on virtually any type of fabric and can bond different types of fabrics together
✅ High strength bond that can hold up to 33 lbs in weight with only a bonded area of 1 square centimeter

Works on:
Cloth, Linen, Denim, Felt, Suede, Leather, Cotton, Polyester, Flannel, Silk, Synthetic, nylon, and much more! 

Specifications of our product:
✅ 2 sizes (60ml) or (60ml + 120ml)
✅ Shell life - 12 months

Please note that:
Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed in the photos.

Package includes:
✅1 X Fast-Bonding glue kit
✅1 X Brush
2 X Rulers

Q1 - How long does it take for this adhesive to set and cure?
A1 - The set time for this product is about 1 to 2 minutes, and bond time is around 24 hours.

Q2 - How do I wash fabrics that have repairs made from using this adhesive?
A2 - Once fully bonded, repairs made from this adhesive are both machine washable and dry-able as well as being UV and waterproof. This means fabrics with repairs made from this adhesive may be washed with the same procedures as if they were new.

Q3 - What type of fabric will this adhesive work on?
A3 - Virtually any type of fabric including, but not limited to, denim, leather, suede, nylon, cloth, silk, polyester, and cotton.

Q4 - Where can I store this product and how long will it last when stored properly?
A4 - Any setting in room temperature and avoid direct sunlight. Under these conditions, the shelf life is 12 months.


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