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Will Sea Turtles Become Extinct?

All sea turtles are considered an endangered species and with the present poaching and plastic bag syndrome, their extinction is fast approaching. It is a sad thing that such a majestic marine animal should face a fate such as extinction and it is humans who have brought this about, by their questioning activities. Sea turtles are killed so that their eggs, meat and shells can be taken for various uses and the former two are considered delicacies, while the latter is used for the manufacture of jewelry, ornaments and hair accessories which are marketed among the elite. Hence, human beings are the chief hazards in connection with the existence of sea turtles.

Just as much as a human being has a role to play pertaining to the environment, so do sea turtles, as they are considered hunters, herbivores and carnivores and in their own way they break down the power of plant materials and turn them into protein. Hence if they are on their way to extinction this is one area that will suffer immensely.

Hence it is vital that the nesting grounds of sea turtles are protected so that their eggs will not be taken away from them for commercial use. The population of sea turtles has taken a downward trend in the recent past and this is alarmingly increasing by the day. Another aspect of extinction is the environmental changes, such as the climate. Tsunamis, cyclones and tornados are a great threat to the nesting grounds of sea turtles, as the temperature can be a threat to the sea turtle eggs in that they could die before they are hatched. So the environment also plays a part on the extinction of the sea turtle population.

Sea Turtles have been in existence even being human beings and it is a tragedy if they are allowed to decline further as a result of human greed and human lack of care toward their wellbeing.

Pollution also plays a major role in their road to extinction, as with the plastic bag syndrome, sea turtles are hurled into consuming these plastics along with fishing tackle and lines that are discarded, as they cannot decipher them from their natural food. For example a plastic bag resembles a jellyfish. Hence the sea turtle thinks that a plastic bag is a jellyfish and once it enters their systems it does not digest and causes great harm to the sea turtle including a slow and painful death.

Another aspect that assists in the extinction process is the development of the coast. Engineering these areas into components that help human beings are a great threat to marine life, especially sea turtles. With this coastal development, they have no place to nest and hatch their eggs and even if they do, with the developments of the coast, the eggs are in great danger.

Fishing tackle and lines also play a role in the extinction of sea turtles in that this gear is discarded into the ocean without concern for marine life. Sea turtles more than consumption of this waste, get entangled in an drift away without help at all and finally they die entangled in these discarded fishing tackle and lines.

It is a sad situation that such majestic marine animals of varying species should face extinction. The authorities should be more vigilant in a bid to save these majestic sea life and bring about stricter rules and regulations when it comes to poaching of eggs, meat and shells, which eventually helps in the extinction of these wonderful animals of the ocean.

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