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Do Sea Turtles Have A Gentle Disposition

Sea Turtles are no doubt a gentle breed of marine life and sadly on their way to extinction, due to none other than human beings. They are charismatic animals who are easily spotted on the shallow ocean. The greed of humans today for the meat, eggs, and shells of these majestic marine animals has been driven to heights, that sea turtles are wary of humans even in the shallow waters. They are generally lonely marine animals, but when provoked can turn dangerous. Sea turtles may poke their heads out of their shells, but they are certainly not too taken up with humans.

It is common knowledge that sea turtles prefer to be left alone and although they bring about enthusiasm in human beings they are better left to their own devices than anything else. No doubt they are a “cool” species due to the fact that they have been around for centuries now and their gentle disposition can be seen from the female turtle when it comes to nest on the grounds where she herself was born. This indeed is a wonderful element of “my own” attitude.

If you have seen a sea turtle with “tears” in its eyes, don’t worry the turtle is not carrying, but it is in the process of emptying salt from their eyes on a regular basis. So don’t think that sea turtles are an emotional species!

Due to the fact that they spend the better part of their lives and time in the ocean, it is not possible to gather their habits and dispositions, as the female turtle comes ashore only to hatch its eggs and male turtles hardly leave the ocean.

If left alone, the sea turtle is really harmless and acts in a gentle manner, but if provoked things can get out of hand as they can turn aggressive to protect themselves. Sea turtles don’t take likely to petting by human beings, unlike their counterparts on land who are more susceptible to petting. Sea turtles are in general unassuming and cute. Although they might seem quite cute as they poke their heads out of their shells and humans pet them, they don’t take nicely to human petting. It has not been known why, but the author’s guess is that due to the “wrath” of humans on sea turtles, they tend to be wary of the human race.

For example, if you are on the Turtle Beach in Oahu, the turtles there are friendly toward human beings and if you are swimming in this area, you are bound to come across a sea turtle following you at a comfortable distance, but you need to be mindful not to strike out at them. In general, they are a harmless breed in the vast ocean which has been their home for centuries and centuries and will be their home for centuries in the future as well,m if not totally extinct by that time. Left alone the sea turtle will follow you for some distance and then move away from you. Hence, they are a gentle breed, if not harassed and provoked.

Sea turtles, if provoked, do bite, but if left to their own devices they are indeed gentle creates who roam the ocean at their own pace and time. Many underwater divers have encountered sea turtles will generally look at them wide-eyed due to the fact that the human attire does not go down well with sea turtles and this might call for provocation and attack. Other than that there is no great harm from sea turtles and in general they are a calm lot in their marine world.

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