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Do Sea Turtles Attack?

Sea Turtles hardly attack humans, but if they do it can be painful and even cause injury, as they have strong jaws and sharp beaks. A sea turtle attack can cause serious bruises and even injure your bones. However, it really depends on the turtle and what type of mood he is in. However, the male seal turtle has a tendency to copulate with scuba divers, snorkelers, and swimmers.  This is not often, but occasionally this happens and the victim has no means of getting out of the way. Hence, it is often said that those who indulge in such sports as diving, snorkeling and swimming, need to be wary of such incidents, as the attack is quick.

Sea Turtles differ in size and variety. The most aggressive of sea turtles is the “Snapping Turtle.” The “Alligator Turtle” joins his counterpart, the “Snapping Turtle.”

There have been instances when sea turtles have attacked humans. If confronted underwater, they are more likely to attack to protect themselves. If one gets too close to a sea turtle it is prone to attack, although their shells are pretty strong and protect their entire being.

Sea turtles are a curious species and can get close to merely carry out an investigation of their territory. It is most seen in snorkelers, where if they encounter a sea turtle, the turtle is intrigued by the snorkeling gear and may carry out a bit of investigating, like snapping at the apparatus.

They can get vicious if they sense there is a danger from the human being or for that matter even another sea animal. Sea turtles swim close to the shore and that poses a further threat to human beings. But if you stay away at a good distance away from them there is no harm.

However, the Snapping Turtle, as it is called and who dominates the oceans of Canada and Nova Scotia are large in size. They usually distance themselves from human beings and go into hiding if they spot a human snorkeler. But it is a different story if they are on land. Most female Snapping Turtles come ashore to nest and can become dangerous to human beings, as they become very protective of their eggs.  But in the deep seas they are a species unto themselves, and hardly are a threat to human beings.

Never try to pick up a “Snapper” as it will only retaliate and bite you, which bite can cause serious harm to human beings. Although most turtles seek the protection of their shell when confronted, the “Snapper” becomes more aggressive when confronted or cornered. Hence, humans need to be wary of these turtles.

Sea Turtles are always not too happy with human invaders into their territory and tend to be in an alert when they sense and see humans undersea. It is considered their own territory and humans needs to be aware of this if they patronize the beauty of the undersea areas.

The most important of all is to stay away at a far distance from these turtles, as getting too close can cause a major problem to human beings. Never get close enough to touch a turtle, no matter what breed he is, as they carry the bacteria salmonella, which can be transmitted to human beings and in the long term it can be deadlier than their bite.

Swimmers, snorkelers, and divers need to be a good distance away from these sea turtles and should be knowledgeable in detecting the type of sea turtle they would encounter. The “Alligator” turtle is easy to decipher and so is the “Snapper”.

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