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Will Sea Turtles Become Extinct?

All sea turtles are considered an endangered species and with the present poaching and plastic bag syndrome, their extinction is fast approaching. It is a sad thing that such a majestic marine animal should face a fate such as extinction and it is humans who have brought this about, by their questioning activities. Sea turtles are killed so that their eggs, meat and shells can be taken for various uses and the former two are considered delicacies, while the latter is used for the manufacture of jewelry, ornaments and hair accessories which are marketed among the elite. Hence, human beings are the chief hazards in connection with the existence of sea turtles. Just as much as a human being has...

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Can We Touch Sea Turtles?

No matter how much you feel like running your hands over those beautiful shells that cover sea turtles, you need to be careful of touching them. Sea turtles don’t like to be touched for they fear intruders that much. It is common knowledge that touching a sea turtle can bring you a fine. Hence the best is to view their beauty for afar than try to get close to them. The safe distance from a sea turtle is around 50 yards and that is quite enough for you to observe this magnificent marine animal. As discussed in previous articles, it is best to stay away from sea turtles and avoid touching them. They are prone to causing harm to you...

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Do Sea Turtles Have A Gentle Disposition

Sea Turtles are no doubt a gentle breed of marine life and sadly on their way to extinction, due to none other than human beings. They are charismatic animals who are easily spotted on the shallow ocean. The greed of humans today for the meat, eggs, and shells of these majestic marine animals has been driven to heights, that sea turtles are wary of humans even in the shallow waters. They are generally lonely marine animals, but when provoked can turn dangerous. Sea turtles may poke their heads out of their shells, but they are certainly not too taken up with humans. It is common knowledge that sea turtles prefer to be left alone and although they bring about enthusiasm...

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Why Do Some Humans Poach Sea Turtles?

“Poaching” a dreaded word for any animal be it a marine animal or one that walks the land.  The illegal trade of eggs, meat, and shells of sea turtles has endangered these marine creatures further and it becomes worse by each day. Sea Turtle meat is harvested for human consumption, as it is considered a delicacy and very expensive as well. But no one things of the predicament of the Sea Turtle, who has much a right to live as does a human being. It is surprising that turtle eggs that have been poached are sold in the open market of Malaysia and there are no restrictions to it. This goes to show how endangered the sea turtles are at...

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How The Plastic Bag “Syndrome” Affects Sea Turtles

It is a known fact that plastic debris in the ocean kills many ocean animals and is a major threat to ocean life of these animals. Most of this debris comes into the ocean from land and are deposited by humans who have little regard for marine life. Plastics do not only come from the ships and fishermen who go out to sea, but a majority of it gets washed from land to sea or are dumped by humans into the sea, which is an easy way out for them.  Apparently with the ten million tons of plastic in the ocean today, it is a terrible hazard for marine life. According to Dr. Kathy Townsend, Marine Biologist of the University...

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