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The True Meaning of Love


The True Meaning of Love

No doubt Romeo and Juliet is the most legendary and beautiful love stories of yesteryear, which has made its way into the hearts of many.  The significant nature is evident from the very beginning of the story; delight and cruelty is a strong force that replaces morals, fidelity and passion. The factor of love in Romeo and Juliet is a vicious and dominant emotion that imprisons individuals and propels them in opposition to their world, and at times, in opposition to themselves.

No doubt the love that Romeo felt for Juliet and her for him is a fabulous passion that at times is blinding. One could always say that the love between Romeo and Juliet is more than just pretty, it is beautiful and passionate. The love of these two people is evident.

But times have changed, loving a person has changed. Yes, but the passion of love needs to be embedded in a relationship.

As the month of February is just around the corner, and Valentine’s Day coming with it, lovers around the world celebrate their lover in the dim glow of a candle light as they gaze into each other’s eyes as they reminisce the story of their love. This friends is the true meaning of love.

The meaning of true love is to take love beyond words. Talking about love needs to be on an unconditional platform. Today many are wronged by the word love and are left to cry alone. The moment a condition is clamped on a relationship it is not love, but a transaction, which once done is over. This is not love, but absolute lust. Love is pure and chaste.

As February dawns, let love envelope each one of you as you embrace that emotion within you to stay faithful to each other.

At times it is hard to express your love to that woman in your life. You seem to forget the words, you seem lost. But an accessory that depicts love, like a pendant which will rest upon her chest so close to her heart will no doubt rekindle that love and speak the words that you cannot express.

True love is not letting go because true love means to love more than enough that you would never even think of leaving.


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