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How To Rekindle A Loveless Marriage

It is an absolutely awful situation for any woman or man and that is to be in the midst of a loveless marriage. No doubt everyone of us has a friend whose marriage has ended in divorce or who says her husband does not love her anymore and there is no spark in their marriage. It's a daunting and strenuous task emotionally to feel that the walls are closing on your  marriage. You feel like trying to connect, but everything seems so distant.

When your spouse ignores you, turns away from you when you both retire to bed, you try to touch your spouse, but the answer is a painful silence; no doubt it hurts badly, very badly.  In a marriage you both want to feel appreciated, loved, nurtured and connected. When your spouse isn't happy sparks of anger fly around, abuse is dealt and finally one of you leave the bedroom, leaving neither happy.

Talk to your spouse - Never be silent and hold back what you want to say. Be honest with your spouse about how you feel. Ask your spouse whether he or she feels the same way. But never ever lose your temper.

Always make the first move - It is the hardest part, no doubt, but you need to start somewhere. Don't feel bad and reciprocate in anger if you are ignored. Make your spouse understand that your love has not diminished one bit. You know it is there and you want to revive it; to get back to the days gone by, when you made love and clung to each other as you drifted asleep.

Be truthful - If you have been able to make the slightest progress by literally moving the thick curtains of "anger or hate" that stood between the two of you, then you have been a little successful in your attempt. Don't stop now. Talk about the day when you first met, that secret stolen kiss and then your marriage. If you have kids,reminisce their births and how much joy,  love and togetherness they brought the two of you. Be truthful and tell your spouse how you feel, sans blaming him or her.

Take a Holiday - Your holiday does not have to be weeks on. Just a weekend away from home alone. A romantic hideout, where the two of you can be alone. Or even visit the places where the two of you went in the early days of your marriage. 

Remember that your attempts to rekindle your marriage does not have to be laced with elements of anger, as it will not get you anywhere. Remember that you are trying to rekindle your marriage and not drive your spouse to make a hasty decision.

As Valentine's Day is drawing pretty close, get your spouse a gift. Make him or her feel appreciated and loved. Turn your dining room into a love nest and have a candlelight dinner and then surprise your spouse with a gift. 

We hope that our little article will help you find and rekindle that romance. Remember it's there in both of you; you just need to get it out and go back to being romantic and love one another as you did in the past.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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