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7 Easy Ways To Love Your Wife

Are you looking for more creative ways to love your wife? Is your wife feeling unloved, but you tell her that you love her all the time? There are many times when words just aren't enough. Here are some other ways to show your love.

1. One very overlooked way of showing your love to your wife is to show her attention. Not lavish her with attention, just show her that you appreciate her.

A good way of showing her attention is to talk to her. Ask her how her day went, and tell about yours. Showing her that you respect her feelings tells her that you truly do love her.

2. Every once in a while, you could do a household chore without being asked to. Even if it is a little thing like taking out the trash, or doing dishes, it will make a BIG impression!

3. If she has a hobby, show some interest in it. It may bore you to death, but SHE loves doing it. It would be the same if you love to golf, and she hates it. If she asked you about it, wouldn't you feel good knowing that she is interested in something that you love to do?

4. Every wife needs a shoulder to lean on. that shoulder should be yours. Simply listening is one of the best ways to love your wife. Sometimes all women want (and need) is someone to listen.

5. Give her a hug for no reason at all. Not as you leave for work or come home, but just as you go about your daily business. A hug out of the blue is another great way of showing her affection.

6. When she comes down with a cold or even the flu, you can show her that you love her by helping her. Take care of her, make her some soup. Let her stay in bed and get well, while you do the chores.

7. When it comes to making decisions for the family, or household, be sure to include her. Show her that you want and need her input. Show her that her opinions and needs/wants are important to you.

All of these are different ways to love your wife. There are many, many more ways. Kindness is the most important key. Sometimes when we're married, we tend to forget how very important it is to be kind towards each other.

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