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5 Ways You Can Do Right Now To Clear Those Emotional Pain

Anger and Fear are very closely related emotions, followed by sadness. These three very powerful attributes can be a major disaster if you let them rule your life. Our aim today is to let you know what you can do right to clear the emotional pain that these emotions cause you.

How to get over the emotion that aggravates Fear

Fear is a terrible thing to experience. There are many causes for fear, which could be fear of losing your job, fear of the repercussions of something you have done wrong, anxiety regarding your partner (Will he stray? Will he be faithful?), childbirth (Will my baby be normal? Will I have an easy birth?).  The list is in fact endless, but these are a few of the “fearsome” emotions that we as human being experience. First of all, if you want to get over the fear of something, sit down close your eyes and replay/recollect what brought or brings down this fear in you.  Identify what brought/brings about the emotion of fear and then question your emotions. Is it worthwhile to be afraid? At the end of the day, you will find that your fears are of no substance, it just brings you down.

Hold close Negative Thoughts

By asking you to hold close negative thoughts it does not mean that we want you to hold on to them eternally. No, no way. By holding close negative thoughts you have the ability to question them. Ask yourself why your thoughts stay to negativity. Is it worthwhile? These negative thoughts can be brought about by an argument with your partner, which you need to iron out and the most easiest way is to talk it out with your partner. Don’t let the emotion of anger be a part of your discussion.

Let go of the tension of emotion

Tension is a silent killer that fuels emotion. If you need to get out of the house do so. A good jog around a lake or a shady area is a wonder medication, that no doctor could prescribe. If it is anger that has triggered your emotional status, just close your fists and eyes in one motion and breathe deeply, inhale and then exhale, while counting to ten.


The Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Sounds familiar eh?  Close the door of your bedroom and move to toward the mirror. Look straight at your image, talk to yourself, question yourself. Why is it that I am afraid? You will find the answer there right in front of the mirror. Emotions are all conjured up in the mind and if you clear your mind emotions will make a hasty retreat.



There is no better cure than a good old relax on your bed. Lay straight on your bed, with legs slightly apart, hands by your sides, palms facing down. Gradually close your eyes and recollect happy times, maybe the birth of your kids, or your graduation, a joke a friend told, that had once made you giggle. Put away negative thoughts. Don’t let then be intruders. Relax………..hmmm…….


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