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5 Ways To Save Your Marriage


There is this saying that “marriages are made in heaven.” This may be so to a certain extent, but when two people fall in love and decide to marry they are taking on a huge responsibility, in that two people who come together to form a marriage are people with different opinions, ideas, and lifestyle. Hence marriage will not be a smooth sailing journey, as the bond created will literally face many a rough sea. This does not mean that the vows you jointly made should be pushed aside. This is not the solution. There is much more than that.

Marriages face problems and we are here to help you solve them without making hasty decisions that you will regret in the future.

There are several warning signs that you will see in your partner’s behavior which will indicate that everything is not alright.  What we discuss with you today are 5 of the many ways to save your marriage and to make it last until the last breath.

1) Commitment

It is a known fact that commitment in any form is an encouraging thing. If you see these warning signs such as seclusion, deep thought, no interest in sex and even a hug, where your partner is concerned, then you got to sit up and take a good look at your marriage.  Committing yourself to the need to make your marriage work is the most important thing in a relationship. If you have come up with the idea that you should commit yourself, then it is obvious that you want your marriage to work and your partner will see it too. While you stay committed, you need also to talk to your partner. Don’t take on the role of “mute” as it will not work and send your partner into further seclusion.

2) Caring manners

A gentle word, an unexpected hug works wonders in rekindling the sparks that existed in your marriage. When you are loving and caring for your spouse you will ignite an awakening of love within them as well. It brings back memories of your earlier times together.


3) Dating

Maybe you’d laugh at this, but remember that you need to still date your spouse. You may have been married for four or forty years, and dating will definitely rekindle that love within you. Always remember that your love for each other is not dead, it’s just lost within you and you need to find it.

4) Tokens of Appreciation 

A verse on love that jogs your spouse’s memory and has it racing toward the first days of your courtship will definitely keep the fires in your marriage alive.


5) Forgiveness

There will be times when you’d need to forgive your spouse for a deed done that has sent you into seclusion and made you feel sad.  Don’t harbor hatred and remorse within you, but tell your spouse that you have forgiven him or her. Choose the right time and that right time is when you retire to bed.

 “What God has joined together, let no man put as under.”


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