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5 Ways to Overcome a Family Crisis Coming Your Way

Every family has at some time or other experience a family crisis. At times the crisis comes along when you least expect one and at times it is predictable. Whichever way, you need to be ready to face it and not fall flat on your face. We discuss today, a few family crises that may crop and how you should handle it, not letting it take over the entire family.

Breaking up

Engagements can be broken up. At times your partner or you may feel that there is no compatibility between the two of you. At first it may not be easy, but if you sit down in a quiet secluded place, other than your bedroom and think about the break up, you will see how easily your inner conscience agrees with your reactions. As the saying goes, “there are many fish in the sea,” but remember the next time you find a partner, have a chat together about your likes and dislikes and preferences. Do not get engaged at once, but give your relationship the test of time. It’s far better to break of an engagement than end in a courthouse filing for divorce.

Stay positive

Today the world is inundated with incurable diseases from cancer to HIV AIDs. To be informed that such you are with such a disease, can be frightening. However, hard it might be don’t ever let your emotions take over whether you are the patient or you are with a patient. If you let the tears of emotion flow, you will feel miserable and fearsome. Always look on the bright side of it, watch a hilarious movie, indulge in your favorite food, read a romantic novel, talk to your family about an incident that happened years before. Always sound positive. All this also relevant if an incurable disease hits a family member.

Open Up

An unplanned pregnancy brings on the feeling of fear, anger, disbelief etc. This is because as women we think that we should always have a plan in focus. You know your eyes pop out when you see the tell tale two blue lines on the pregnancy test strip. Always remain calm and positive. Talk it over with your partner; don’t give up on your dreams. At the end of nine months when you hear that first “baby wail” your eyes will light up and the unplanned pregnancy you worried about will only be a dream, as you hold your baby to your breast.

Show Empathy

A top enemy of marriage is alcoholism. When your partner makes the “bottle” his bedfellow, nothing can be more disastrous. Don’t take hasty decisions. Sit down when he is sober and discuss the situation. Talk to him about your children and the toll his alcoholism is taking on their studies. Discuss going to AA. Never reprimand and scold. Be kind and gentle.

Take a Break

Losing a job can be a frightening thing, as with today’s cost of living soring to great heights, it is indeed a hit below the belt. But that does not mean that your whole world has crumpled around you. Just after losing a job, don’t start scanning the newspapers and internet for jobs. At that point in time you are desperate to find a job and would accept anything that comes your way, which may place you in a worse situation in a short time. Take a break, visit your favorite places, relax and consider this period as a vacation. When your mind has really settled in, scan the newspapers and no doubt you will come across the perfect job.


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