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5 Ways To Celebrate An Inexpensive Birthday With Your Loved One


Birthday celebrations are pretty expensive today, as the cost of living has sworn to great heights. But what is a birthday without a celebration, you may ask? Here’s what you should do to make that birthday special and also fit your purse, instead of literally tearing the latter to pieces.

Today the trend is employing an Event Planner, which is an absolute waste of money. The frills and furbelows that the event planner brings up are all to boost his or her ego and bank account.

1) The Cake

Today, a normal butter cake is expensive and that is if you decide to get it done through an outside party, who would no doubt double and triple the price for a normal cake.  There are so many cookery books on cakes which you could make yourself and which would be almost half the price you would spend on a cake made by an outside party. You’d be amazed at your own creativeness when you look at the end product; a cake turned out by you for your loved one. Wow absolutely awesome!

2) Venue and Décor

We all have something called a little bit of garden space in our homes or if you live in an apartment, the sitting room would be a perfect venue. Remember you will also have decorations from Christmas which would be fit enough to form your décor. And for the Happy Birthday banner, all you need is colored paper, scrapbook board, a pair of scissors and felt pens of different colors. It is that simple and you would be amazed at how creative you could be.


4) Invitations

Here again, you could put your creativity to good use. All you need is colored paper and pens and maybe a bit of colorful ribbon to make the invitation look attractive. The internet has an abundance of methods that teach you to turn out an inexpensive, but attractive birthday invitation.

4) Refreshments

You must always bear in mind that whatever refreshment available from a catering service is the same as what you can prepare at home. Easy to prepare finger food is the best for a party where you can turn out cheese truffles, mini hot dogs or even put up a BBQ at a low cost.


5) The Gift

Finally, the most important of all is the gift. You’d be amazed that you need not spend a packet on a gift for your loved one. Here are some gift ideas; a movie night, a candlelight dinner, a picnic on the hillside or you could drive out into the country, a gift card which would delight the birthday girl/boy.

You could see that you need not spend a packet on a birthday party by delegating it to an event planner. It would make the birthday girl or boy happy and you too when you sit back and think that it was your effort and time that were the main ingredients for a successful party at low cost.


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