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5 Ways on How to win Your Lover’s Heart

Winning a person over is a hard task, especially if the person is your soul mate and lover. Love is such a special thing in life, that we all want to give it out in abundance to the person we love. In today’s world relationships are more speared toward money and how much your partner has.  But remember that money and large bank balances are not the most important things in life.  You need someone to hold your hand, to guide you and be that protective icon you want so much. For this, you need to win your partner’s heart. Today we discuss 5 ways on how to win your lover’s heart.


Being confident about yourself is an important part of winning over your lover’s heart. By this, we do not mean strutting around with your head held high. You can spew confidence by sporting a chic outfit, altering your hairstyle. Confidence is one of the most attractive mannerisms a person can possess. Being confident will make you judge yourself less insensitively. Always focus on the things you possess, rather than brood over what you don’t have. The first thing another would note in you is your confidence, which no doubt brings out the true person in you.

A Smile

A smile can do wonders. Send your partner that special smile. Make it linger on your lips until the other person reciprocates. Make that smile a memorable one. Always look your partner in the eye as you smile. In other words, synchronize your eyes with your smile.

Care and Concern

By showing genuine interest in your lover’s life, he will know that you are concerned and really care about him. Always show your concern on what he does. Ask if you could help. You will be surprised at how soon you will connect to him, as your concern and caring attitude will make him feel wanted and also make him want to share his life with you.

Be Available

A quick look at this caption might have you thinking otherwise. No! Being available means, you are always there when he needs you. It will make your husband or fiancé feel secure. This is more so if you feel that he is upset or has a problem at his workplace or has come about a hardship. Comfort is something that will bring you two closer and reassure him that he could always depend on you for that unconditional care, concern, and love.


Each one of us needs our privacy. Always respect the boundaries that encircle your partner. Don’t prod and push inquiring about personal things. When he sees your positive attitude toward his privacy, he will feel more confident and will then open up to you, whilst getting closer.

Remember that people especially men do not want to be forcibly pushed to do something. Let time takes its course. Only show him that you are always there for him and care about him a lot.


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