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5 Ways on How to Avoid an Extra-Marital Relationship

Extra-marital relationships can bring about devastating repercussions. Many such relationships emerge in offices where men and women spend the better time of their day working together. Or if you are a member of the elite group, then such relationships are considered normal. But if you genuinely question yourself as to what this is correct, you will come up with a strong NO!

Many men and women stray from their marriages into the arms of a clandestine affair due to some aspect of their marriage not working. In women, they want security, financial stability, honesty, openness, and love, while a man needs sexual fulfillment, admiration, and an attractive partner. If you find your mind straying toward an extra-marital relationship because one of these important aspects is not fulfilled, stop and think for a while. Infidelity in marriage comes about when one or both spouses fail to meet their partner’s needs. If you have come to a point of temptation and have not perpetrated yourself to an extra-marital relationship, then you need to read on.

Hence, today we discuss with you 5 ways on how to avoid an extra-marital relationship and as a result, save your marriage and continue to be faithful to your partner.

Give It Your Top Priority Task To Do

There is definitely something wrong if you think of “wondering” away from your spouse. You need to sit together and talk about what you think is making the two of you drift apart. Encourage your spouse to accompany you for counseling sessions. If he or she does not wish to go for counseling, go for it yourself.  Counseling will bring about changes and once your spouse sees a change in you, no doubt he or she will get closer to you.

Keep away from being alone with the opposite sex

Temptation is an invisible killer; it’s like cancer. You only feel it when you have gone deep into a relationship which you really don’t want, but which circumstances have tempted you to take up. Hence be wary and keep away from attractions to the opposite sex, when you have slipped and falls in your marriage.

Avoidance social functions

Avoid gatherings such as parties for a while. Limit family functions and stay at home so that you are with each other all the time. It is amazing how closeness and coziness can mend a marriage even without each other’s knowledge.


This happens all the time and it is more so even when one partner is in a shaky marriage he or she tends to flirt with the opposite sex. This is the worst a woman or man can do, as it leads to more serious involvements. Always look away when you feel someone looking at you and most of all looking at you direct in the eye, with a slight smile. These are the signs you need to look out for and avoid at all costs. Remember that flirting is a message given by you that you are available.


Never speak of your troubles in your marriage with others. Many people would be willing to sympathize with your situation, but remember that there might be ulterior motives attached to that sympathy. Hence never talk about or condemn your spouse to others. Always look on the bright side of things, even though the gloom is there.


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