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5 Powerful And Sweetest Things To Say To The Person You Love


When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, whether you are married or unmarried there comes a time when you are so engrossed in your work that it becomes more and more difficult to be in touch. All that you had to say to your beloved has been said and done with. Don’t fear love is an unending phenomenon and we have come up with the best powerful words that you could say to your partner, which would no doubt revive that love and passion in your relationship.

We’ve all experienced love at some time in our lives. Maybe that love has passed away after a “brief” visit, but we still remember those loving words uttered and the one you loved looked at you with an abundance of love overflowing. They say, “no one will forget those words of love uttered, the stolen kiss that followed.” It is quite true words can do wonders to mend a broken heart, give encouragement and hope to your loved one, console a loved one and ignite love once again to glow as it did in the past.

1) “I was in love with you before, but today I feel that I have fallen in love with you all over again.”

 No doubt these words will put a smile on your partner’s face and love will blossom in all its glory as you feel that familiar old feeling unravel itself through your being. These are beautiful and powerful words that would rekindle that love within you.

2) “I want to grow old with you.”

Now, these words give you a new lease on life where you love is concerned. If you are not married, but in a relationship, this gives you ample proof that your relationship is on solid ground.

3) “You are worth a million to me, my love.”

There always comes a time in a relationship when a bit of doubt creeps in and leaves you wondering where your relationship is heading. Is it on a downtrend? Your partner seems aloof and you find yourself in a situation that you cannot understand. This is the time to sit together and tell your partner how much he or she is worth to you and how you cannot see a life without him or her. You’d see that spark of love light up.

4) “I’d love to see that smile again……it brings back so many memories.”

 We all have our bad days. We tend to pout we tend to be aloof. This no doubt brings sadness to our partners and you would be delighted to see that smile return; that smile that drew you to him or her in the first instance. You’d be surprised what a few words like this could do. So go ahead, be that adoring lovable wife or husband or fiancé or fiancée.

5) “You look adorable”

These beautiful words would bring on that sparkle you knew so well in the past. To adore the one you love is a miracle of God as he joined to people together.


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