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How To Prepare Your Child For Little League Baseball: 17 Tips For Moms And Dads

Spring is upon us and children and parents are very focused on baseball. Parents often have a lot of questions about the best way to help ready their child for the upcoming season.

Obviously, preparation for Little League baseball, or for that matter, any sport is contingent on the child's age, his athletic ability, his goals and his motivation.

Nevertheless, here are a few general tips to help parents and kids enjoy America's favorite pastime.

1. Be sure that the coaches are nice people who understand children and who know the basics and fundamentals of baseball.

2. Be alert for bullying by coaches, by teammates, and by opponents. This does happen and this kind of behavior can turn a youngster off to baseball or to any sport.

3. Make sure your child wears a cup during practice and during games.

4. Be certain that your child understands how dangerous swinging a bat without being aware of his surroundings can be.

5. Set a few individual goals for a season. For instance, have a.275 batting average. Or, commit no more than six errors for the season. Or, have five successful sacrifice bunts. Or, strike out three batters per game.

6. Do not try to teach your youngster everything about baseball in one season. Baseball is a complicated game and a large amount of information can overwhelm your child.

7. Remind your youngster that baseball is a team game. Encourage the development of teamwork and support for fellow players and opponents.

8. Show your child videos that demonstrate the correct ways to field, hit, throw, run the bases and pitch.

9. Educate your child about all there is to love about baseball: Fresh air, travelling to different places, meeting new kids, learning from coaches, mastering a wide array of skills.

10. If possible, see if your child can choose his own number. Have him pick the number of his favorite player or a number that has a special meaning for him.

11. Balance criticism with encouragement and positive words

12. Ask your child if he wants you to come to his games. Some kids don't like it when their parents attend their games.

13. Use outside coaches for special skills if your kid wants and need this additional training.

14. Familiarize your child with mental and psychological aspects of hitting, pitching, fielding and base running.

15. Educate your child about the rich history of The Little League.

16. When your child struggles, remind him that baseball is a long season and that he will probably have some good games and some disappointing contests.

17. Help your child to learn the importance of relaxation, confidence, focus and being resilient.

Article Source: Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist and the founder of Dr. Granat has appeared in major media outlets including Good Morning America, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The BBC, Sports Illustrated,, ESPN and The Chicago Tribune, Golf Digest named him one of America's Top Mental Gurus. He has created many self help programs for athletes including 101 Ways To Break A Hitting Slump, How To Throw More Strikes and Bedtime Stories For Young Athletes.




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