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How To Keep Your Young Champion Focused

Keeping young players focused is a challenge in any sport but can be especially challenging in baseball because of the amount of time players stand around. There is not constant action or as much physical exertion in baseball as there are in other sports. Because of the amount of time in between pitches and the amount of pitches that are not put in play, it is easy for players' minds to wander. Coaching little league is a constant process of reminding young players to "keep their heads in the game." This is easier said than done, of course. Some young players have great sports instincts and are very focused and others are not mentally in the game at all. Most...

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How To Prepare Your Child For Little League Baseball: 17 Tips For Moms And Dads

Spring is upon us and children and parents are very focused on baseball. Parents often have a lot of questions about the best way to help ready their child for the upcoming season.Obviously, preparation for Little League baseball, or for that matter, any sport is contingent on the child's age, his athletic ability, his goals and his motivation.Nevertheless, here are a few general tips to help parents and kids enjoy America's favorite pastime.1. Be sure that the coaches are nice people who understand children and who know the basics and fundamentals of baseball.2. Be alert for bullying by coaches, by teammates, and by opponents. This does happen and this kind of behavior can turn a youngster off to baseball or...

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How To Have Clean Baseball Uniforms For Your Child

One of the real nightmares that baseball moms face is when they hear the coach say "We are going to be wearing white uniforms this year." Talk about going into full stress mode. The thought of looking out on the field and seeing their child's white uniform, especially the pants, with those glaring red clay stains standing out like a sore thumb is almost too much for a mom to bear.As new and advanced fabrics are introduced as the latest uniform standard, the challenge of cleaning the difficult stains and odors associated with athletic competition increases. Well, there are some products and cleaning tips that can truly help clean these tough stains and add life to your child's uniform. Experienced...

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